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It's Here! The new album "Us Against The World" by UnKnown Pedigree is available on ITunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Music Store, and all other major digital music retailers. 19 tracks of hot music!
Brand new mixtape entitled "Diamonds" will be released soon as a free download available on the website and DatPiff. UnKnown Pedigree always will have free music available, so keep checking the website for future updates and releases.
UnKnown Pedigree Entertainment has inked a joint venture deal with SDYP The Movement! Click on the pic below to learn more about the movement. Check out the Mixtape "T.P.G. The Positive Grind: Volume 1 - Voices of the Voiceless." It's dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin. The mixtape was released on 10/10/2013 and will be heavily circulated in this year in 2014. This mixtape features some of the top underground artists including Unknown Pedigree. Download you free copy here.
SDYP The Movement

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Why UnKnown Pedigree??
Much of the modern day hip-hop/rap music is full of flash with no purpose. UKP respects the artform, and we want you to feel like you had an experience when you listen to our albums or come to our shows. In our inner circle, we call it "Soul Music," because that's where our words come from. UnKnown Pedigree - the name says it all. We believe we can give the world some soul satisfying music and lyricism that hasn't came out of this part of the boot. Our music is therapy to us, so if we can make someone feel good...even if its for just a little while....that's pure satisfaction. One Love....UKP!