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UnKnown Pedigree Entertainment LLC was officially born in 2014, but the idea of us has a much longer run. In 2003, UnKnown Pedigree began as an eight member music group. Everything was done in-house. Production, recording, mixing, mastering, music video filming/editing, website design, flyer/album cover design, and promotion was all done internally. The number of people involved and their aspirations may have changed over the years, but the dedication to serving the culture of music and entertainment never ceased.

UnKnown Pedigree offers the following services at very competitive rates: music production (beats), mixing and mastering, video filming/editing, custom apparel (yes we print whatever you need on shirts, hoodies, etc.), album/single cover design, as well as free consulting for customers that make a purchase.

We are here to help independent artists and anyone with dreams of creating but may not have the budget to hire bigger companies that require BIGGER dollar amounts to assist with your vision. Everything that we did in house all of those years ago, we now offer to you. The experience that was gained over time allows us to work with you economically so that you can use the majority of your budget for other needs.

UKP Ent is also an independent label. Check out some of our artists!

Featured Singles

Stumpa – RIP Lil Tony